Coming Together to Manage the “Pause”

Photograph of two students sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola at Shimer College in 1941-1942, from the 1942 yearbook of Shimer College.

Yesterday’s UCU announcement that industrial action would be paused for a period of two weeks came as a shock to a great many members – and it comes with significant practical consequences for everyone who thought they would be out next week.

A number of Commoners and likeminded colleagues have gone on Twitter to offer to share teaching materials on their specialist subjects to anyone who suddenly finds they have an hour to fill they weren’t expecting to. Given that we are still on ASOS, and that for some of us, next week will be half-term, there will be limited time to produce ‘the goods’ – but they will be easier to whip up if we help each other out where we can.

Below is a Google Sheet where anyone can add their details on materials they have and are happy to forward to another colleague impacted by the strikes. For those who do not find any materials that can help them, we also recommend the approach that James Sumner has set out on Twitter: do not panic! We cannot be expected to produce our normal work under these conditions, and students will understand that completely. But hopefully, there will be something here to help bridge the gap between “standing in front of the room silently” and “the lecture you’ve had 20-odd hours to prepare”.

(Link to the sheet to see it in full and add your details is HERE.)

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