Student Distribution Recap and Update

This post was by Bijan Parsia with lots of corrections and feedback by various UCUCommons members. As #UCURising progresses, I’ve seen several people raise the critical issue of student distribution in HE. This is particularly important in the pay and conditions dispute, because, for example, student-starved programmes face elimination, while other institutions turn to exploitedContinue reading “Student Distribution Recap and Update”

Gender Studies in the ‘Starbucks’ University

By: Ruth Holliday Author Note: Ruth Holliday is Professor of Gender and Culture at Leeds University, a Cultural Sociologist, and a UCU NEC representative for the North-East region. Despite the manufactured panic about ‘woke’ subjects like Critical Race Theory and ‘Critical Marxism’ as imagined threats to the free speech of academics everywhere, Gender Studies –Continue reading “Gender Studies in the ‘Starbucks’ University”

Precarity, Mastery, and Vulnerability: Some Thoughts on UCU’s Recent Elections

by Tilly Fitzmaurice Two weeks ago, UCU members learned of the National Executive Committee election results. The six-week campaign period saw some acrimonious exchanges in the online sphere as the different groups within the union fought out their disagreements on multiple terrains. As the dust settles, a few reflections. For me, it’s no coincidence thatContinue reading “Precarity, Mastery, and Vulnerability: Some Thoughts on UCU’s Recent Elections”

Precarity, Risk, and Hypocrisy in the Modern University

by Ben Pope The institutional solidity which we associate with the ideal university is produced only through successful management of the enormous risks involved in the creation of knowledge. Yet the modern university has abdicated its responsibility for managing these risks, and prefers instead to offload them on to the shoulders of its own staff.Continue reading “Precarity, Risk, and Hypocrisy in the Modern University”