“Making Employers Sweat 2023” – Some Positive Ideas for Effective Escalation

By: several members of UCU Commons As a union, we face some really big decisions in January 2023. Through a combination of branch meetings, a Branch Delegate Meeting, and any other correspondence it receives, the UCU’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) will be deciding on what the #ucuRising action will look like for the remainder ofContinue reading ““Making Employers Sweat 2023” – Some Positive Ideas for Effective Escalation”

From Massive Mandate to Effective Action

Emma Battell Lowman Short cut to the support letter which I’d like you to sign. We, UCU, have won a historic mandate for Industrial Action through the #UCURising campaign and now have the power to act collectively in both the USS and the Pay and Conditions dispute. Every branch at every HE institution involved inContinue reading “From Massive Mandate to Effective Action”

UCU has a massive mandate: now what?

by: Dave Hitchcock On 24 October the results of two national, aggregate ballot campaigns were announced, and if you’re reading this you probably know the results, but just in case: We have a turnout of 58% (57.8) of all eligible members for the pay and conditions ballot. 81.1% of the votes were YES for industrialContinue reading “UCU has a massive mandate: now what?”

We’re Fighting The Chaos

Note: This post discusses some matters from the UCU HEC meeting on 12 May 2022. Most of that meeting is highly confidential, but we checked with the chair that it was ok to share this bit and she confirmed that it was fine as it is not directly and immediately related to the disputes. I’mContinue reading “We’re Fighting The Chaos”

Chaotic Recruitment, Student Distribution, and the Four Fights

For background on this topic, please see our TL;DR. We have a motion about student distribution for the 29 April, 2022 HEC, commonly framed as student number controls. There’s an open letter you can sign and you can optionally provide some info for preliminary research on the topic. – We over recruited again. How many?Continue reading “Chaotic Recruitment, Student Distribution, and the Four Fights”

Effective Industrial Action: What Does It Look Like?

This is clearly a crucial juncture for UCU members in higher education, and UCU Commons members were preparing a blog on the choices before us when the General Secretary issued a report containing very serious and substantial proposals for the future of the Four Fights dispute on Wednesday 13 April. We encourage everyone to readContinue reading “Effective Industrial Action: What Does It Look Like?”

UCU Election Candidates’ Statement on Academic Freedom and Trans Inclusion

This statement was drafted in February 2020 by UCU Commons members David Harvie and Mark Pendleton, along with Annie Goh and Stan Papoulias, who were standing in that year’s elections to NEC. They invited other candidates to sign: a further 30 did so. You can see the original statement and signatories here. It was reissued during last year’sContinue reading “UCU Election Candidates’ Statement on Academic Freedom and Trans Inclusion”

Gender Studies in the ‘Starbucks’ University

By: Ruth Holliday Author Note: Ruth Holliday is Professor of Gender and Culture at Leeds University, a Cultural Sociologist, and a UCU NEC representative for the North-East region. Despite the manufactured panic about ‘woke’ subjects like Critical Race Theory and ‘Critical Marxism’ as imagined threats to the free speech of academics everywhere, Gender Studies –Continue reading “Gender Studies in the ‘Starbucks’ University”