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David Harvie drumming ahead of a march of protestors
David bangs the drum for Leicester UCU

The Treasurer needs to combine a sense of responsibility to the institution’s future with a desire to use its resources to best serve the interests of the members in the present. David can do this — he’s good at building and preserving institutions, he’s good at structures, and he is 100% committed to fighting to win.
– Dr Chris Williams, Senior Lecturer, Open University

Since I began my involvement in UCU Commons nobody has taught me more about organising and helped me to find my own political home than David Harvie. We were both elected to NEC at the same time, just as lockdown began in 2020, and I’ve seen first-hand what he brought to the table on NEC and HEC – he is principled, honest and committed. David is a political activist. But he’s also got a maths degree and has vast experience of critical accounting – precisely what we need in our honorary treasurer. From a personal point of view, and wearing my hat as treasurer of one of the largest UCU branches in the UK, I endorse David wholeheartedly.
– Dr Jo Edge, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

David Harvie is standing for the vital role of UCU Honorary Treasurer, where his experience of interrogating and explaining financial accounts would enable all members to better understand the finances of our union and the possibilities for the future of tertiary education. But he would bring so much more than clear-headed insight of financial issues. He has long experience of activism within and beyond our union, creative enthusiasm for engaging communication, and passionate commitment to empowering us all. Without hesitation, David has my vote for UCU Honorary Treasurer.” 
– Dr Lisa Rüll, University of Nottingham 

“I support David Harvie as Treasurer both for his skills as an activist and as an economist. I have seen first-hand how David has used his financial expertise to hold University managers to account and to advocate for the needs of staff and students. He has devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to campaign for inclusive and fair practices both within UCU and Higher Education.
– Dr Jennifer Bergevin, University of Leeds

“David has immense integrity and dignity, and is also a highly creative activist who wants to use UCU’s finances to amplify the contributions of other activists. He can also testify first-hand to the omnipresence of precarity in the sector today.”
– Dr Ben Pope, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Manchester

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David is kind, articulate, generous with his extensive knowledge of trade unionism and finance/economics both, and has the ability to confront the most complex aspects of activism with an upbeat, indefatigable spirit. I think he’d be a great asset to UCU in any elected position, but given his professional expertise, he is perfect for the role of Honorary Treasurer and we would be lucky to have him.
– Dr Sylvia de Mars, Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle University

I am endorsing David Harvie for Honorary Treasurer because he combines practical experience with principled leadership. David has direct experience of using his expertise in critical finance and business to use university accounts to hold employers to account and empower branches to fight for members: let’s get that expertise into our union at national level. He would bring that experience, along with his commitment to a union that works for its members and acknowledges the real constraints we are all working under, to the role of Honorary Treasurer.
– Dr Emma Kennedy, Senior Lecturer in HE Learning and Teaching at the University of Greenwich, NEC member and Greenwich Branch Communications Officer

David is an excellent communicator who can explain technical concepts in simple and creative ways. He is knowledgeable in finances and able to scrutinise and inspect accounts in a high level of detail. I have no doubt he will be able to support the UCU finances in excellent ways but also able to think creatively about how the finances of the entire sector can be reimagined. He will be an excellent asset to the UCU team.”
– Rebecca Linnett, PhD student, University of Leicester

I’m delighted to support David in his campaign. I’ve seen first hand what an outstanding and effective activist he is – he was a critical part of our branch at Leicester UCU. He also brings great expertise in accounting and finance, which I have seen him use to great effect when scrutinising University accounts and debunking management lies about the necessity of cuts. I can’t imagine a better combination of skills for treasurer of our Union!
– Robin Clarke, Open Learning Designer, University of the Arts London

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