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  • Emma wearing a pink UCU beanie and a checked shirt. She is holding her hand to her ear to hear something being said
  • Emma on the University of Leicester picket line
  • Emma wearing a yellow jacket and pink UCU beanie talking to the media at the UCU Rally at Kings Cross
  • Emma holding a pink UCU placard talks to a person wearing a grey bobble hat ho has their back to the camera.
  • 5 people, 4 of them in pink UCU beanies pose for a selfie
  • Emma holding a pink placard in the middle of a crowd in front of a clock tower

Emma Battell Lowman is UCU Commons’ candidate for Vice President of UCU

At UCU Commons we are proud to be supporting Emma Battell Lowman as our candidate for Vice-President of our Union.

Emma is a passionate campaigner, academic, historian and friend who puts kindness, compassion and care at the heart of everything she does, in both her personal and professional lives.

She has been involved in UCU for many years as a campaigner and negotiator for Leicester UCU. She is particularly noted at Leicester for her role in establishing and facilitating compassionate listening exercises to enable precarious workers to express their experiences and concerns directly to the University’s executive board.

Emma also currently serves on UCU’s National Executive Committee.

Emma has worked in a variety of roles in Higher Education since arriving in the UK from Canada in 2009 at both pre- and post-1992 institutions.

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