A scene from the 2018 #USSstrike at University of Leicester, photo by Gareth Brown.

This page contains links to a selection of articles and blogposts, many of which are written by the founding members of UCU Commons. Last updated on 4 January 2021.

The COVID-19 crisis

Andrew Chitty. ‘What do two negative Lateral Flow tests tell you about your likelihood of being Covid-negative?’ (USSbriefs105, 16 December 2020)

Andrew Chitty. ‘How many students arriving at UK universities this term are Covid-positive?’ (USSbriefs103, 21 September 2020)

Andrew Chitty and others. ‘Why universities must move all teaching online this autumn’ (USSbriefs99, 21 August 2020)

Dave Hitchcock. ‘This is what they always wanted’ (Medium article, 9May 2020)

Eric Lybeck and others. ‘After the pandemic: re-imagining our universities’ (USSbriefs93, 25 March 2020)

Warren Pearce and others. ‘Reputation over responsibility: UK HE and the Covid-19 crisis’ (USSbriefs92, 12 March 2020)

Industrial disputes: ‘Four Fights’ and USS pensions

Leon Rocha and Claire Marris. ‘Learning the lessons from the UCU strikes’ (Tribune, 20 May 2020)

Andrew Chitty. ‘JEP2’s dual discount rate proposal for USS: an analysis and evaluation’ (USSbriefs89, 15 January 2020; replies to comments)

Felicity Callard and others. ‘The Insider: Jane Hutton and USS’ (USSbriefs83, 20 October 2019)

John Holmwood and Gurminder K Bhambra. ‘The pensions dispute and the marketisation of Higher Education’ (USSbriefs3, 3 April 2018)

Felicity Callard. ‘The drive to convert to DC: a short history’ (USSbriefs1, 3 April 2018)

UCU and union democracy

Tom Cutterham. ‘Why we need contested branch elections in UCU’ (USSbriefs96, 19 June 2020)

David Harvie, Jo Edge, Ruth Holliday, Claire Marris, Mark Pendleton, Leon Rocha. ‘Proposals for UCU accountability and transparency’ (10 June 2020)

Mark Pendleton, ‘What to do about UCU dysfunction?’ (7 August 2020)

David Harvie, Mark Pendleton and others. ‘Statement on academic freedom and trans inclusion’ (3 May 2020)

Claire Marris and others. ‘Opening up UCU’s Democracy Commission’ (USSbriefs86, 3 December 2019)

Kirsten Forkert. ‘UCU and Brexit’ (USSbriefs84, 10 November 2019)

Kirsten Forkert and Nick Hardy. ‘What are UCU’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and Higher Education Committee (HEC)?’ (USSbriefs74, 16 July 2019)

HE marketisation and analysis

Chris Grocott. ‘Revenge and Odium: university novels as protest’ (USSbriefs101, 26 August 2020)

Leon Rocha. ‘Stockpiling students? Covid-19, caps, and growth inequalities in UK HE from 2014–5 to 2018–9’ (USSbriefs94, 9 April 2020; Appendix on Scottish universities and on History and English)

Gail Davies. ‘Goodwill hunting after the USS strike’ (USSbriefs66, 10 January 2019)

Leon Rocha. ‘What’s inside the Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ “Academic Reputation Survey”?’ (USSbriefs64, 25 November 2018)

Clive Barnett. ‘The financialisation of Higher Education and the USS dispute’ (USSbriefs16, 10 April 2018)

Eric Lybeck. ‘Who rules our universities?’ (USSbriefs15, 6 April 2018)

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