Gender-Based Violence: A Call to Action for FE and HE

Content note: this blog post refers to gender-based violence and related issues throughout. The contact details of some organisations that support people who have experience of gender-based violence are listed at the foot of this post. While standing for NEC on a platform of anti-gender based violence (GBV) it was always my intention to writeContinue reading “Gender-Based Violence: A Call to Action for FE and HE”

Precarity, Risk, and Hypocrisy in the Modern University

by Ben Pope The institutional solidity which we associate with the ideal university is produced only through successful management of the enormous risks involved in the creation of knowledge. Yet the modern university has abdicated its responsibility for managing these risks, and prefers instead to offload them on to the shoulders of its own staff.Continue reading “Precarity, Risk, and Hypocrisy in the Modern University”